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Blue Ripper Miter Master Rail Saw

Blue Ripper Miter Master Rail Saw

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The Blue Ripper Miter Master™ Rail Saw effortlessly produces a flawless mitered edge by simultaneously cutting both 45-degree angles. It's the easiest and simplest solution for achieving a perfect miter. Ideal for mitering standard stone slabs, prefabs, or large-format porcelain tile slabs.

The price does NOT include rails. Blue Ripper Rails are sold separately. For info about ordering a saw with rails see Notes below.

FOR CUTTING PORCELAIN MATERIAL, We now offer a specialized version designed for cutting large format porcelain tile. Please see the Blue Ripper Miter Master - Porcelain Panel Version

Tips & Tricks

We suggest that you use 5 inch blades with these machines if you are cutting 2cm stone. 6 inch blades are suggested for 3cm stone as the 5 inch will tend to leave a lip at the bottom of the cut on some 3cm stone, especially when the blade wears.

The best blades for this tool are blades manufactured with metal-bond side protection. The only exception is if you are cutting very soft material like marble, travertine, or limestone - in these materials a vacuum brazed or electroplated blade, again with side protection, is what we recommend.

Blade choice is critical in determining your cut speed, edge chip, and life. We've selected what we think are pretty exceptional blades for the task, however everyone has their own preference so feel free to experiment - just make sure the blade has the side protection!


The easiest and best way to align this machine is by using our Precision Alignment Method. A good alignment is important or else the blade tends to wander giving an unusable workpiece.

Recommended Blades:

  • 4 inch blade for porcelain tile Xenon III (2 pcs.) 477-142
  • 5 inch blade for 2cm granite (2pcs 206-053)
  • 5 inch blade for 2cm marble/travertine/limestone (2pcs 214-220)
  • 6 inch blade for 3cm granite (2pcs 140-563)

Please inform sales of your blade choice upon purchase of the Blue Ripper Miter Master™.

Requires Blue Ripper Rails™

The Blue Ripper Rails™ are sold separately and DO NOT come with the Blue Ripper™ machines unless specifically ordered (see Notes below).
Please see the Blue Ripper Rails™ page for rail options.
Notes Compatible with Makita GA7021, 9564CV, 9565CV, or 9566CV motors. Shipped with GA7021. Replace with any compatible Makita grinder.
Product may show minor usage (dust, etc.) due to factory testing when shipped.
Product may not precisely match images. We are constantly working on each of our products to find better designs, and we ship each new machine with the best design we have at that time.
You are purchasing a saw without rails - Please note that this saw requires Blue Ripper Rails™ to operate as designed. If you need rails, please see the Blue Ripper Rails™ page and call us to order (530) 889-8977.
Customers in other nations: Please purchase the "without motor" option. The exact model of Makita changes per nation as the GA7021 is only available from Makita within the USA.
Canadian customers: Please purchase the "without motor" option and buy a Makita GA9031Y from a local vendor.
⚠️ WARNING!! This product contains chemicals including lead, which is known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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