Blue Ripper JR

Our most affordable and portable rail saw. Perfect for getting started on a budget.

Blue Ripper G2

The best entry level saw. Powerful, full of tricks, and our deepest cutting rail saw.

Blue Ripper SR

Our flagship stone saw. More power than you'll ever need, with time tested reliability and speed.

Blue Ripper Miter Base

Attach any Blue Ripper rail saw to cut 45 miters. Quick and easy install.

PitBull Big Dog Stone Chiseler

The best and lightest stone chiseler on the market. For a most unique, naturally chiseled look.

Red Ripper SR

Our most advanced and portable stone router. The best edge profiling stone router.

Red Ripper Ultralight

Our smallest, lightest, and easiest to use stone router. Good for sink cutouts, and polishing.