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Hydraulic Pump (120V Electric Power)

Hydraulic Pump (120V Electric Power)

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Note: We no longer ship hydraulic fluid with the PitBull™ Stone Chiseler. Please be sure to purchase a half gallon of AW-32 hydraulic fluid from a local autoparts store AND a half gallon of diesel. Dilute your AW-32 hydraulic fluid with the diesel at a 50/50 ratio (a total of 1 gallon of mixed fluid) to provide your pump with thinner hydraulic fluid to ensure proper pump operations. If you have any questions regarding hydraulic fluid, please contact us for more information.

Please call into our office and request to talk to a technician if you have any questions regarding what hydraulic oil to use.

Proper Operation: Pump should build up to 10,000 PSI as you press on the foot pedal and then release all pressure when foot pedal is press on opposite side. You will feel your hose stiffen and then relax.
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