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Omega Diamond Inc.

Kung Fu Tape™

Kung Fu Tape™

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- Unique serrated edges for easy tearing
- Leaves no residue upon removal up to 10 days* after application
- Strong but flexible and conforms to edges and corners
- Stretchy - holds seams tight (acts like a clamp)
- Gentle on natural stone and sensitive materials
- Leaves no ghosting or shadows on your material
- No curling, splintering or fraying
- Use as a base to mix epoxy for true color matching
- Non-marking
- Waterproof
- Excellent low-temp bonding
- 1.89 in x 60 yd (48 mm x 55 m)


Kung Fu Tape™ is a multi-purpose adhesive tape that was created specifically to combat the problems that traditional tapes cause in the stone industry. Say goodbye to sticky residue, difficult to tear edges, and a weak hold. Kung Fu Tape™ is made from a flexible polyethylene backing — ensuring it is both strong and flexible. This gives the tape the ability to conform to any corner or edge while keeping a tight and secure hold. Our serrated, sawtooth edges make tearing the tape easy.

Kung Fu Tape™ can be used on both natural and delicate stone, reducing the chances of pulling small bits out of your material. It also won’t bleed into the pores of the stone or epoxy, and won’t cause ghosting, or the curse of shadowing on dark honed materials. The tape can be cleanly removed* after application, saving you from the pains of scraping and cleaning your stone, and saving valuable time!

Need to adjust your miter or seam? This tape can be easily reapplied (even in cold weather conditions) with great adhesion unlike many other tapes that lose their hold if you try to readjust them. You can also write on Kung Fu Tape™ without any ink transfer or bleeding to the material beneath, making it a simple and inexpensive waterproof label that is ideal for wet fabrication shops.

Kung Fu Tape™ can be used in the stone industry for setting mitered edges and seams, protecting fragile material, templating, mixing epoxy for true color matching, but it doesn't stop there! This amazing tape is also great for floor installation, cabinet building, woodworking, glass handling, tile setting, and so much more!

*Indoor vs. Outdoor Use:

 • Indoor Use: Clean removal up to 6 months or more.

 • Outdoor Use/UV Exposure: Clean removal up to 10 days.

Test on scrap material prior to use for safety and best results.
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