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Blue Ripper Jr™ Rail Saw

Blue Ripper Jr™ Rail Saw

Save $350 - $430 on Free Shipping with Rails Purchase

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Introducing the Blue Ripper Jr.™ Rail Saw, a budget-friendly, lightweight, and portable solution that effortlessly handles stone cutting. Whether you're in the workshop or on-site, this rail saw ensures precision work with ease. 

Blue Ripper Jr. Specs

Cut Depth: 4cm.
Cut Speed: 4 feet per minute.
Weight: 19.8 lbs.
Blade Size: 8 inches.
Miter Capable: 45º angle cut with the Miter Base.
RPM: 4,500rpm.
Power: 120-volt power cord with GFCI.
Warranty: One-year limited warranty.

Rails Not Included: Rails are available as an optional addition to your purchase but are not automatically included with the saw.



The product may show minor usage (dust, etc.) due to factory testing before shipping.
Blades shipped with products may not match images. We are constantly testing to find faster blades, and we ship each new machine with the best we have at the time of shipping.
You are purchasing a saw without rails - Please note that this saw requires Blue Ripper Rails™ to operate as designed.
If you need rails, please see the Blue Ripper Rails™ page and call us to order.
To order a Blue Ripper Jr saw with rails please call 1-530-889-8977 and ask.
Warranty - As of January 1, 2019, our longstanding warranty policy on Makita Saws has been reinforced. For motor failures within the one-year Makita warranty, direct dealings with Makita are required. Our new Blue Ripper G2 Rail Saw is designed as an upgrade to the Blue Ripper Jr.
More Information
Note - Our Rails are made of 304 stainless steel not soft aluminum. Furthermore, they are one continuous piece!! Not some flimsy bolt together!! Sold separately.
It is highly recommended to take multiple passes through the stone, 1/4 inch at a time, to prolong the life of the motor.
⚠️ WARNING!! This product contains chemicals that are known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to
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