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Omega Diamond Inc.

Tilt-A-Slab Table

Tilt-A-Slab Table

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This is the perfect accessory to any Blue Ripper Rail Saw. Increase your productivity, safety, and quality with this fabrication table.

This table allows for one man operation to lay a heavy stone slab down for effective stone fabrication or when cutting the slab with a rail saw. It is a professional full slab Tilt Table that takes the stress out of slab handling and provides a good table surface for production cutting. It is made to last, engineered from industrial quality steel and constructed to be safe. This table is made for craftsmen serious about stone fabrication.

Table Size: Platform size is 10' x 6'


- Safe and easy one-man tilt operation
- Equipped with safety locking pins for both table legs when fully extended in a vertical position
- Tilt table lifting strap for one hand operation
- Slab length adjustment position pegs allow for different height of stone
- No mechanical parts to break
- Top surface is designed for easy replacement of 2x4s when needed
- Made in the USA

Please call 1.530.889.8977 to order.
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