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Omega Diamond Inc.

Silver Segmented Diamond Blade (14 inch)

Silver Segmented Diamond Blade (14 inch)

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One of the best performing blades we have designed and tested to date! This Blade works great on the 5HP Blue Ripper Sr. Saw. It will wear down a little quicker on the 3HP saw but will still cut very fast. This blade is also a must when cutting though 4 cm glue laminated stone. The gaps between the segments keep the glue from clogging the diamond. It has an oversize thick core and a diamond wall that is just barely thicker than the steel core. The diamond is only 0.100 inch thick, most bridge-saw blades are over 0.125 inch thick, that means this blade is 20% thinner which means more speed.

The 14 inch Silver Segmented Diamond Blade has 10mm high segments and a 60mm arbor hole.

WARNING!! This product contains chemicals including nickel, which is known to the state of California to cause cancer. For more information go to
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