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Omega Diamond Inc.

Oscillating Head

Oscillating Head

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7/8 bore comes with M10 x 70mm Metric SHCS 18-8 SS Bolt with coolant hole

Install the oscillating head using special 1/2 gas to 7/8 then slide on diamond drum wheels make sure they clip in over the locking spring loaded plunger.
The friction for the oscillation is preset at the factory, faster or slower oscillation action varies with the pressure you apply. To adjust the oscillation action sensitivity you will need to adjust two screws. To do this you will need to remove the diamond drum wheel. Note there are two screws (opposite to each other) on the top section of the head (same height as the plunge locker.) If you tighten the screw ( turn clockwise) this will compress the spring and increase the friction causing slower oscillation, if you loosen the screw (turn counterclockwise) the opposite will occur.
Try to keep the same amount of pressure on each. Noting the amount of rotation will help.
No other adjustments or maintenance is required
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