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Carbide Teeth for the PitBull BigDog

Carbide Teeth for the PitBull BigDog

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1.5 inch Carbide
Used on the Narrow set of PitBull Teeth for hard laminated stone.

3 inch Carbide
Used on the Laminated Stone and the Soft Stone sets of PitBull Teeth.

Rotating or Replacing the Carbide Tooth in the Holder

The 3 inch and 1.5 inch carbide teeth have 4 usable edges. If you just have a chip in the edge that's making it not work or look right, simply rotate the carbide as follows:

    • Remove the carbide tooth by heating it enough to weaken the bond.

    • Remove and cool tooth. Cool holder. (CAUTION! Cool tooth before touching!)

    • Clean both tooth and holder of old glue.

    • Rotate the carbide to an undamaged edge.

    • Re-glue using epoxy resin stone glue. Please note that the "Soft Stone" holder's tooth is silver-soldered or brazed onto the steel, not glued.

    • During curing of the glue, install holder into a PitBull BigDog stone chiseler, bite the chiseler into a wood 2x4 or an aluminum block and leave tight until the glue has cured. This will set the tooth so that it will have the least chance of cracking during operation.

Replacement of carbide in the tooth holder is nearly identical to the rotation process, with the notable exception that the carbide is replaced not just rotated. This is typically only the case if a tooth is totally destroyed. Teeth that are simply broken in half can often be re-set using the above instructions and keep working acceptably.
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