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Omega Diamond Inc.

Sink Hole Saver Edge

Sink Hole Saver Edge

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The true Original Sink Hole Saver™ protects finished stone pieces from breakage during lifting, transport, and install. This product is the ideal solution for strengthening delicate cutouts, backsplashes, and other fragile pieces. The Original Sink Hole Saver™ features mechanical clamps that securely grip finished edges. The clamps slide in the stiffening rail for custom placement, and feature easy-grasp knobs which make tightening them quick and simple. The stiffening rail is made of durable, non-rusting, lightweight aluminum. Available in 4, 6, and 8 ft. lengths.

Accessory sold separately: The Sink Hole Saver™ Angle Bracket connects two Original Sink Hole Savers, allowing between zero and 270 degrees of rotation between the rails for protection of “L”, “bat wing”, or any other angled countertops during transport.

Sink Hole Saver™ is a trademark of Omni Cubed, Inc.

More Information:

Reinforces stone during fabrication, transport, and installation

Ideal solution for fragile materials, sink cutouts, and backsplashes

Easy-grasp knobs allow fast and easy attachment
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