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Omega Diamond Inc.

Akemi Marmorkitt 1000 SUPER

Akemi Marmorkitt 1000 SUPER

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Marble Filler Super

low viscosity stone adhesive and filler on an acrylic basis
Used for filling fissures and the coarse-pored surfaces of light-colored marble and travertine in a horizontal position. Also very suitable as an injection resin. Very fast surface drying.

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| Area of application | Stone industry |
| Material |Natural stone, Granite, Marble and limestone, Concrete ashlar, Terrazzo, Wood
|Exterior / Interior | Interior
|Bonding application | Bonding, Filling, Resinating, Laminating
|Working time |Short
| Bonding application | Pores, Stitches
|Adhesive technology |Acryl
|UV stability | Low
| Bonding |Rigid
|Hardening time |Fast
|Polishing ability |Excellent
|Consistency |Highly liquid
|Color |Transparent, Can be colored

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