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Omega Diamond Inc.

Core-drill Water Ring 1 1/2 inch

Core-drill Water Ring 1 1/2 inch

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These suction rings create a reservoir for water, which allows wet drilling when a water supply is not readily available.

+ Great for saving water in drought conditions!
+ Works on smooth surfaces, such as granite, marble and tile.
+Can be used over and over again unlike putty dams.
+ Made of flexible rubber with a special groove that creates suction when flattened against a smooth surface, keeping it firmly in place.
+ Helps to keep your work area cleaner by eliminating unwanted dust from dry drilling.
+ Reduces the water waste so common in wet drilling by keeping just the amount you need focused where you need it.

Directions for use:
Simply press the ring onto a smooth, clean surface in the location where you want to drill and it will stick.
Fill with water and begin drilling your hole.
When finished, pull the ring off and reuse later.
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