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Omega Diamond Inc.

Rear Blade Flange Assembly for Blue Ripper Sr (Taper Lock Design)

Rear Blade Flange Assembly for Blue Ripper Sr (Taper Lock Design)

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This redesigned blade flange was introduced on all new Blue Ripper Sr. Saws manufactured after August 2019. It is a direct replacement for all old set-screw and shaft-key design flanges, no matter how old your saw is!

This design allows you to easily remove and reinstall your rear blade flange, something that was not previously possible. This design holds alignment even after being removed. No more specialized tools or machining if you wish to service your motor in the field.

Note: This hub uses a right-hand thread.

This means that your saw needs to spin counter-clockwise. If your saw spins clockwise, please simply follow the instructions on the motor label to reverse the spin direction and simply take your cuts in the opposite direction you have done in the past. You also may need a new nut to match this flange.

Includes everything to convert your saw to the taper-lock design:
This kit includes the flange, collet, collet nut, and 3 screws necessary to use this flange with your pre-August 2019 saw.

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