Pitbull Big Dog Chiseler FAQs

Pitbull Big Dog Chiseler FAQs

What is the largest bite size for the Pitbull?

The Pitbull chiseler can bite up to 8 cm of laminated stone. If biting at these depths, be sure to use the 1.5” wide laminated tooth set to concentrate forces for a clean bite.

Is my pump working properly?

Your Pitbull chiselers' pump gauge should read up to about 10,000 psi when you engage your pump and it has reached total extension on the cylinder. At this pressure, your hose will stiffen and you can see it move. Once released, your gauge should fall all the way down to zero and your hose unstiffen.

Why is my cylinder and jaws not retracting or extending?

Check to make sure your pump is working properly (See previous question). If your pump is working properly, remove the quick disconnect where the hose screws onto the chisel unit. Remove both pieces so that the hydraulic fluid can flow freely from the pump to the cylinder. The Quick disconnect can sometimes restrict flow and cause the cylinder and jaws to lock up and not move.

Does the Pitbull work on laminated edges?

Yes, We have designed teeth to be used on laminated stones and these should be included in your purchase with the Pitbull chiseler.

Does the Pitbull work on all stone types?

Not all stone types are able to be sheared cleanly, especially stones that have patches of crystal or are a solid single crystal structure. Please test on your specific stone or send a sample of the stone, already laminated or not as your job requires, so that we can test and tell you the results. While the Pitbull Big Dog Stone Chiseler should be able to shear the stone, the break on such stones may be chaotic. Marble and natural quartzite are the most risky: the chance of breaking slabs using ANY chisel, not just ours, is just too high.

Why is my pump not releasing pressure?

This may be caused by the Solenoid being jammed (The green cylinder on the top of your pump reservoir.) You can press the end of the solenoid with a tool or screwdriver for a manual release of the solenoid and your pump should then release the pressure and fluid from your line. If your pump continues to not release with the pedal, you may need to replace the solenoid. Please contact us to talk to a technician.

Does the Pitbull come with Oil or should I buy my own?

Purchase a half gallon of AW-32 hydraulic fluid from a local auto-parts store AND a half gallon of diesel. Dilute your AW-32 hydraulic fluid with the diesel at a 50/50 ratio (a total of 1 gallon of mixed fluid) to provide your pump with thinner hydraulic fluid to ensure proper pump operations.

I would like to upgrade from the foot pedal to the new button handle design, can this be easily done?

Yes, we can provide you with pictures and diagrams to easily install the button handles onto the chiseler and the button transmitter to your pump.

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