Miter Base FAQs

Miter Base FAQs

What if my saw was manufactured before the compatibility date on the website? Can I still use the Miter Base?

Yes, Please check the bottom of your baseplate of your saw to see if it has holes that are compatible with the Miter Base. If no holes are located in the middle of your baseplate, your options are to send in your baseplate to us to manufacture the miter holes in the baseplate for you. Another option would be to buy a new baseplate with miter holes predrilled.

Can I mount the Blue Ripper Sr on the Miter base?

Yes, you can mount the 3hp and 5hp Blue Ripper Sr saws on the miter base. Please purchase the Blue Ripper Sr specific version of the Miter Base. This includes an extra counterweight and longer screws for you to mount the larger saw.

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