Blue Ripper Sr FAQs

Blue Ripper Sr FAQs

How often/when should I align my Blue Ripper Rail Saw?

Between every cut or every job, a quick check of the alignment should be done to ensure a clean cut.

How can I Align my Blue Ripper Sr Rail Saw?

Please refer to one of our documents quickly explaining how to align your saw.

How can I check if my motor bearings need replacing?

You can quickly tell if your bearings are in good condition by rotating the spindle when the saw is turned off. If your bearings are broken, the spindle will spin rough or not spin at all. Your spindle shaft should be fixed in place and not move at all besides rotating perfectly in place.

My Blue Ripper SR saw isn’t turning on.

1. The most common reason your Blue Ripper SR won't start is due to the Heat Overload Switch tripping and blocking all power to your motor. After 10-15 minutes of your saw not running, press the red rubber button to reset the switch. If you feel a click, then the switch was turned on, and your saw will now be able to turn on.

2. The On and Off switch is broken. If not turned quickly, the on/off switch can short and break due to the contacts being in a half open half closed position for too long. With a multimeter, check whether you have power coming into the switch, and if the power goes out of the switch when turned on.

3. Broken wire. You will need a multimeter to check where the power to your saw stops. A broken wire can lead to your saw not starting. Your first check should be finding where the power stops reaching your saw. Start with the power from the GFCI breaker, then check the plug on the saw, then the right side of the switch, and lastly the left side of the switch. 

Why is my saw tripping the breaker?

Your breaker may be faulty. Other possibilities are that your saw is shorting or pulling too many amps because it is misaligned.

Why is my saw chipping my stone?

Check the alignment of your saw. Also make sure your blade is not bent. Then take your blade type into consideration. More aggressive blades with coarse diamond may cut faster but can cause more chipping.

Why can’t I push my saw through the stone anymore?

Your blade might have glazed over. Using a dressing stone can help you. If it's not the blade, your saw most likely came out of alignment, and needs to be realigned. 

What types of stone can the Blue Ripper Sr cut?

Every type of stone ranging from engineered manmade stone to natural quartzite.

What is the maximum cutting depth Blue Ripper SR?

With a brand new blade, with our larger designed guards, can reach a depth of 5.72 cm or 2.25 inches. (14” blade with 20 mm segments).

What is the Blue Ripper Sr’s cutting speed?

The Blue Ripper Sr 5hp can cut 2cm granite in under one minute.

What blade size will fit on the Blue Ripper Sr?

Our new guards for the Blue Ripper Sr are designed to hold a 14” blade with 20 mm segments. Or a total diameter of 15.5”

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