How To Align the Blue Ripper Sr. Rail Saw

When you have checked that your blade edge is square and sharp, and the blade itself is not dished, but your saw still pushes or pulls the rail around while you cut, you might need to check your alignment. Re-aligning the blade on the Blue Ripper Sr™ Rail Saw is not complicated, but does require some accurate instrumentation.

Tools you will need

Procedure Steps: 
Attach indicator to blade and set zero on the edge of the rail.
Align BRSR Step 1: Set zero on indicatorAlign BRSR Step 1: Set zero on indicator
Rotate blade and indicator around until the indicator tip is sitting on the rail. If the measurement is off more than 0.010 inch (0.25 millimeter) proceed to step 3. If your blade alignment is within 0.010 inch you are done.
Align BRSR Step 2: Rotate and testAlign BRSR Step 2: Rotate and test
Lightly loosen both nuts on the elevator side of the Ripper.
Align BRSR Step 3: Loosen right side nutsAlign BRSR Step 3: Loosen right side nuts
And lightly loosen the front nut on the handle side.
Align BRSR Step 4: Loosen left front nutAlign BRSR Step 4: Loosen left front nut
To bring the motor foward, lightly tap on the motor base flange.
Align BRSR Step 5: Tap fowardAlign BRSR Step 5: Tap foward
To bring it back, lightly lever it with the screw driver.
Align BRSR Step 6: Lever backwardAlign BRSR Step 6: Lever backward
Tighten nuts and repeat all steps until measurement is within 0.010 inch (0.25 millimeter).
Align BRSR Step 7: Complete alignmentAlign BRSR Step 7: Complete alignment

Remember, don't loosen the nuts too much or the motor will be too loose and it will be hard to be accurate.

Also, do not remove the indicator from the blade until the motor is in alignment.

Note that the indicator shown in the pictures is a customized indicator used here at the factory.  That said, the indicator linked to above will work fine for the task and was what we used until we made this unit.  If you are aligning a lot of saws, feel free to call us, and we can quote you a price on a customized magnetic indicator.


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