Blue Ripper Rail FAQs

Blue Ripper Rail FAQs

What is a rail saw, and how does it work?

A rail saw is a specialized tool used in stone cutting to make precise and straight cuts in large panels or sheets of stone by guiding a saw along a straight metal rail or track.

What length of cuts do the rail saws cover?

Our rails consist of 5.5’, 7.5’, 10.5’, and 12.5’ long rails

What rail length is best for my job?

Our most common rail lengths used by stone fabricators are the 7.5” and 12.5’ rails. The 7.5’ rail helps for shortcuts and the 12.5’ covers most length cuts of your countertop.

How do I fix my rail to the stone as I prepare my cut?

Use clamps on both ends of the rail to fix the angle aluminum that is located on your rail to the stone.

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