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Blue Ripper Miter Master Rail Saw

Blue Ripper Rails - Basic or Vacuum

Blue Ripper Rail

This is the strongest rail on the market. Single piece stainless steel design makes for smooth, accurate cuts across the entire length of your stone.

These rails are designed for all Blue Ripper™ branded machines made by Omega Diamond. You can set up the Blue Ripper Rail on a slab and cut with either the Blue Ripper Sr™ or the Blue Ripper Jr™, then move the rail and switch out for the Blue Ripper Miter Master™ to cut the perfect mitered edge all on the same rail!

Description SKU Price
7ft 8in & 12ft 4in Basic Edition Combo Pack199-129$960.00
5ft (60 inch / 1.5m) Basic Edition060-288$247.00
7ft 8in (92 inch / 2.3m) Basic Edition132-448$355.00
10ft (120 inch / 3m) Basic Edition692-990$519.00
12ft 4in (148 inch / 3.7m) Basic Edition766-006$655.00
7ft 8in & 12ft 4in Vacuum Edition Combo Pack692-683$1864.00
7ft 8in (92 inch / 2.3m) Vacuum Edition040-865$752.00
10ft (120 inch / 3m) Vacuum Edition740-841$997.00
12ft 4in (148 inch / 3.7m) Vacuum Edition828-017$1210.00

Our apologies, this product cannot be sold via this website. Please contact us directly by phone or our contact page to order.

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SKU Price

Blue Ripper Miter Master Counterweight

Counterweight block used on the Blue Ripper Miter Master™ Rail Saw

SKU Price

Blue Ripper Miter Master™ Spindle Assembly

Blue Ripper Miter Master Spindle Assembly, version 1.2

Blue Ripper Miter Master™ v1.2 Spindle Assembly.
Direct replacement for the v1.1 Spindle Assembly.

SKU Price

Blue Ripper Miter Master™ Skirt Arm Assembly

Blue Ripper Miter Master™ v1.1 Skirt 45 Arm Assembly

SKU Price

Blue Ripper Miter Master™ Countertop Arm Assembly

Blue Ripper Miter Master™ v1.1 Countertop 45 Arm Assembly

SKU Price

Miter Blade Adapter Outer Cap/Flange

Brass Quick Disconnect

CB-336 Brush Set for Makita 9564CV Grinder

Off brand carbon CB-336 Brush Set for Makita 9564CV

SKU Price

Shielded Template Guide Assembly

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