Eagle Edger Jr Linear Edge Attachment

One of our customers' long standing requests was a to provide an easy way to cut mitered edges. Yes, it could be done with a router bit, but those are slow and take up too much stone for a nice straight run! So we did them one better: the Eagle Edger Jr.™ attachment for the Blue Ripper Jr not only can cut up to 46 degrees in either direction, but it can also polish a straight edge with the included Snail-Lock adapter and 90 Degree Extension, or even route profiles by attaching standard 7/8-bore router bits with the included 7/8 boss extension.



Please note that as this is an attachment for your existing Blue Ripper Jr Rail Saw. It does not come with the Blue Ripper base plate system or a Blue Ripper Jr.  For that you need to look at the Blue Ripper Eagle Edger Jr. The above product image shows what the product looks like after being installed onto a Blue Ripper Jr Rail Saw.

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Description SKU Price
Motor(s) Pre-installed995-892$1210.00
Without Motor(s)426-388$1045.00
Weight: 15 lb.