Eagle Edger Jr Linear Edge Attachment

One of our customers' long standing requests was a to provide an easy way to cut mitered edges. Yes, it could be done with a router bit, but those are slow and take up too much stone for a nice straight run! So we did them one better: the Eagle Edger Jr.™ attachment for the Blue Ripper Jr not only can cut up to 46 degrees in either direction, but it can also polish a straight edge with the included Snail-Lock adapter and 90 Degree Extension, or even route profiles by attaching standard 7/8-bore router bits with the included 7/8 boss extension.



Includes a Makita 9564CV/9565CV Grinder at no extra cost!

The Makita 9566CV is highly recommended for this product since it has more torque than the other grinders. Sold separately.

Please note that as this is an attachment for your existing Blue Ripper Jr Rail Saw. It does not come with the Blue Ripper base plate system or a Blue Ripper Jr. The above product image shows what the product looks like after being installed onto a Blue Ripper Jr Rail Saw.

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Price: $1,039.00
Weight: 17 lb.