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Pro-Anchor™ T-31 Anchor Machine

Pro-Anchor™ T-31 Anchor Machine

The Pro-Anchor™ T-31 Anchor Machine is for easily and precisely cutting curved T-slots in the back side of stone pieces for the attachment of anchor bolts used in bottom-mount sink or architectural facing systems. This machine features a split-clamp design for optimum grinder stability (unlike weak set-screw holders on other anchor machines).

A vacuum-powered base is available for the Pneumatic and the Electric Pro-Anchor™. Two separate vacuum zones on the base can be turned on or off, enabling the machine to be used near cut outs or edges (i.e. the entire vacuum base does not have to be in contact with the surface). The vacuum base seal is cut as one piece of neoprene foam; this “seamless” design provides a superior leak-free seal with the stone to guarantee minimal air consumption.

The Pro-Anchor™ also features industrial quick-couplers for both air and water, and the efficiently designed venturi vacuum generator creates high vacuum pressure with very low air consumption (only 0.5 SCFM). The machine cuts in both push and pull direction, and the water hose with ball valve and quick-coupler can be easily detached to spray the work area. The grinder accepts any T-31 anchor bit with ¼” shank.

One-year manufacturer’s limited warranty provided by Omni Cubed (grinders are covered under their respective manufacturer’s warranties).

Electric Model: A powerful and reliable electric Makita grinder with GFCI outlet adapter and a carrying/storage case are included.

Pneumatic Model: The pneumatic grinder only requires 3 SCFM, and the extended shaft is supported by five bearings for long life and also provides the ideal leverage to reduce strain while cutting.

WARNING!! This product contains chemicals including lead, which is known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects and other reproductive harm. For more information go to

Pro-Anchor™ is a trademark of Omni Cubed, Inc.

More Information:

  • Easily and precisely cut T-slots at the correct depth in under 45 seconds
  • Split-clamp design provides optimum grinder stability
  • Our highly efficient venturi vacuum only requires .5 CFM (other models require ~20 CFM)
  • Two independent vacuum base zones to allow cutting near edges
  • Water hose quickly detaches to spray work area
  • Four models available: pneumatic and electric, with or without vacuum base
  • Carrying/storage case with custom cut protective foam
  • Electric models include a GFCI adapter plug
925-526Pneumatic, With Vacuum$835.00
773-174Pneumatic, Without Vacuum$683.00
864-950Electric, With Vacuum$995.00
463-642Electric, Without Vacuum$850.00