Blue Ripper Sr Rail Saw

Blue Ripper Sr Rail Saw

Do you want the speed, the accuracy, and the quality of work of multi-thousand dollar bridge saws at a FRACTION of their cost? The Blue Ripper™ Rail Saws deliver that and much more.


These saws can cut through 4cm thick stone. The 5hp can cut 2cm "Absolute Black" granite up to the incredible speed of 10 ft. per MINUTE! Simple and strong, the blade cuts next to rail so setting up is fast and easy. No gauge, shims, or offset measurements are needed. The 5hp saw itself, weighs 68 lbs. The reduced weight also minimizes risk of cracking narrow or thin pieces of material. This rail saw is truly amazing and is considered by the experts to be far superior than the competition in performance and ease of use.

(Speed may vary from benchmark when cutting other materials, thicknesses, or when using other blades.)

5 Horsepower Water-cooled High-speed

Fastest cutting portable rail saw on the market today! Finding that there were no inexpensive, light-weight 5 horse motors available to us, we decided to build our own: this 5HP water-cooled motor is the core of our new 5hp high-speed (3450 RPM) Blue Ripper rail saw. The water that you are already using to cool your blade is fed through custom end-caps manufactured right here in the USA to cool the motor. We incorporated everything we've ever learned in sealing and protecting the motors from the wet environment of sawing stone into these new motors to make sure they provide both the power and the life we demand from our saws. This saw requires single phase 220-240 volt power, and easily cuts through 4cm thick stone in one pass.

Price does NOT include rails. Blue Ripper Rails sold separately. For info about ordering a saw with rails see Notes below.

3 Horsepower Air-cooled

The 3hp is our work horse. It spins at 1750 RPM allowing for a wide range of blade options. This saw requires single phase 220-240 volt power, and easily cuts through 3cm thick stone in one pass.

Price does NOT include rails. Blue Ripper Rails sold separately. For info about ordering a saw with rails see Notes below.

Requires Blue Ripper Rails™ These rails are designed for all Blue Ripper™ branded machines made by Omega Diamond. You can set up the Blue Ripper Rail™ on a slab and cut with either the Blue Ripper Sr™ or the Blue Ripper Jr™, then move the rail and switch out for the Blue Ripper Miter Master™ to cut the perfect mitered edge all on the same rail! The Blue Ripper Rails™ are sold separately and DO NOT come with the Blue Ripper™ machines unless specifically ordered (see Notes below). Please see the Blue Ripper Rails™ page for rail options.


Product may show minor usage (dust, etc.) due to factory testing before shipping.

Blade shipped with product may not match images. We are constantly testing to find faster blades, and we ship each new machine with the best we have at the time of shipping. All new Blue Ripper Sr. Rail Saws can accept blades up to 15 1/2 in. diameter with 60mm arbor hole. All Blue Ripper Sr. Saws Manufactured before April 1st, 2023 can accept blades up to 14-1/2 inch (368mm) in diameter with 60mm arbor.

DO NOT GREASE MOVING PARTS. Many of our customers have thought that greasing the saw's threaded vertical adjustment shaft or rear hinge pivot will help with the operation of the saw, and it does - but it also heavily reduces the lifespan of those parts: the granite dust combines with the grease to create a highly aggressive lapping slurry that will wear the parts at a very fast rate. If you must lubricate the machine, use a dry spray-on lubricant.

You are purchasing a saw WITHOUT rails - Please note that this saw requires Blue Ripper Rails™ to operate as designed. If you need rails, please see the Blue Ripper Rails™ page and call us to order.

To order a saw with Blue Ripper Rails (basic edition combo pack) please call 1-888-996-4777 or 1-530-889-8977 and ask.

WARNING! This product contains chemicals including lead, which is known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

873-7443HP wired for 220v$5,069.00
070-3735HP wired for 220v $5,676.00

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