Pencil Edge Router Bits

The Pencil Edge Bit, which is also called "Crescent" for its crescent moon shape, creates a very modern look that makes the edge appear a lot thicker than a Full Bull Nose or V profile edge. It's also faster to finish because you don't have to turn the stone over to finish polishing the edge.

Available sizes

40mm Pencil Edge Router Bit

60mm Pencil Edge Router Bit

To special order any bit size, profile, and/or position number please call us at 1-530-889-8977.

Description SKU Price
40mm, Position 1811-688$327.00
40mm, Position 2608-617$327.00
60mm, Position 1976-494$687.00
60mm, Position 2586-240$687.00
Weight: 2 lb.