Blue Ripper Jr Front Hinge Kit Assembly

Front Hinge Assembly for Makita 5477NB

Replacement front hinge bracket and bolt for the Blue Ripper Jr Rail Saw

Be sure to select the hinge kit that matches the saw motor you are intending to install this kit with.

Tips & Tricks

A great way to help prevent wear damage to the front hinge bracket of the Blue Ripper Jr Rail Saw is to put a coat of Silicone inside of the motor housing near the front hinge, as well as on the hinge bracket where the blade sprays onto it. As the Silicone wears simply re-coat the surfaces.

Also remember to give the grease fitting a shot of lithium grease once a week to increase the life of the part.

Description SKU Price
Makita Saw Motor585-817$49.99
Skill & Bosch Saw Motors812-514$49.99
Milwaukee Saw Motor092-939$49.99
Weight: 1 lb.