Blue Ripper Jr Vertical Adjustment Arm

Makita 5477NB Vertical Adjustment Arm

Brand new replacement arms to replace a damaged or worn out arm - or to swap out to a different saw motor model.

Be sure to select the arm that matches the saw motor you are intending to install this arm with.




The Vertical Adjustment Arm for the Makita 5477NB is usually included with the saw motor. If you are purchasing that saw motor or the Makita 5277NB, then you will not need to purchase the arm for it. This part is made available here as a replacement should the original disappear or become damaged.

One of the arms (811-117) works for both Skil SHD77M and Bosch 1677M.

Description SKU Price
Makita Saw Motor511-020$6.00
Milwaukee Saw Motor320-486$16.00
Skill & Bosch Saw Motors811-117$16.00
Weight: 1 lb.