XL Pattern Diamond Blade (16 inch)

XL Pattern Diamond Blade (16 inch)

This blade is designed for bridge saws and has a vibration-reducing "silent" core.

Diamonds are arrayed in a specific pattern in each segment just like the Archon blades. A big advantage with arrayed technology is that the outer edge wears flat or even concave, this (non rounding edge) keeps the blades tracking truer so they don't cut right or left as they wear like traditional blades can. The evenly balanced cutting action provides a fast, smooth cut; and because the patterned diamonds are exposed to the stone at the same consistent rate as all the other diamonds in each segment, the blade life is greatly extended - 30% longer blade-life than traditional blades. There is no uneven segment deterioration or premature diamond loss, which radically helps to reduce chipping.

Segment height is 20mm.

Note: Not for Blue Ripper Sr.

499-826XL Pattern Diamond Blade (16 inch)$329.70