Blue Ripper Jr Motor Conversion Kits

Blue Ripper Jr Makita Conversion Kit

For converting to the Makita 5277NB or 5477NB motors


Blue Ripper Jr Milwaukee Conversion Kit

For converting to the Milwaukee 6477-20 motor


Blue Ripper Jr Skil and Bosch Conversion Kit

For converting to the Skil SHD77 or SHD77M or Bosch 1677 motors



Each conversion kit is for converting to the motor type listed. For example: if you would like to change your motor type to a Milwaukee motor then you need to get the Milwaukee conversion kit.

If your saw started with a Makita motor, then you do not need to purchase the Makita conversion kit unless you need to replace all the parts in the kit. For available replacement parts please see the Blue Ripper Jr replacement parts list.

Motors not included.

Images not to scale.

Description SKU Price
Makita Saw Motor499-554$75.00
Milwaukee Saw Motor650-779$91.00
Skill & Bosch Saw Motors705-421$91.00
Weight: 6.9 oz.
SKU: 499-554
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