Flush Cut Z30 Router Bit

2" in Flush Cut Z30 Router Bit

Custom Z30 Router Bit, Position 1

This is a self pumping water feed router bit. At 8,000 rpm or higher the drum wheel will pull water from above the bit and feed through its side. This router bit works great for sink clean up. You will not need a top bearing if you use this bit with our small routers since you can use the built in fixed bearing on the Red Ripper Jr.™ and the Red Ripper Ultralight™.

Approx. size of bit:

50mm Diameter x 32mm High (2 inch Diameter x 1.25 inch High)

Recommended for 2cm stone, can be used on up to 3cm stone.

Made in the USA

To special order any bit size, profile, and/or position number please call us at 1-530-889-8977.

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Price: $217.00
Weight: 1 lb.

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