Red Ripper Arc Saw

Red Ripper Arc Saw

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The Red Ripper Arc Saw is designed to allow you to cut arcs with radii from 18 inches on up.  The maximum radius is determined simply by how far you are comfortable connecting pieces of commonly available 1/2 inch EMT conduit - otherwise known as 1/2 inch electrical conduit available from your local hardware store.

Designed to be easy to use, easy to set up, and full plunge capable, the Red Ripper Arc saw was tested in 2cm Absolute Black cutting a 5ft radius arc - you may have seen the stone in our booth at one of the trade shows we attend! Those initial tests were done using both step cutting and full plunge - and we absolutely recommend the full plunge cut: it is faster and cleaner then step cutting with this tool! We've also had some customers do test cuts - and they didn't just do test cuts, they went above and beyond and did a couple of jobs with it before we could get the prototype back!  They loved it!

With the dual hydrofloat bases it is trivial to cut both inside and outside arcs on polished surfaces!  Not cutting polished material? See the wheel add-on below!

Vacuum pivot accessory

During our initial test cuts we simply drilled a hole in the EMT conduit and ran a screw through it to our wood table, but sometimes you can't screw into the pivot location.  Could be that the center of the arc is in the middle of the island or tabletop you are making. For this situation we designed the vacuum pivot: capable of fastening to any flat surface from particle board to polished stone and anything in between.

Surface scribing wheel add-on

For those who want to simply scribe shallow groove arcs in the surface of stone, concrete, or even rubberized surfaces, we offer a simple add-on kit that allows the saw to ride on non-skid rubber wheels instead of the hydrofloat base.

Online calculator

Not sure about the radius, but know the width of the arc and the depth?  Check out our mobile-friendly arc calculator!

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