Demi Bull Router Bits, shape (B)

Profile B

10mm, 20mm, 30mm, and 40mm bit sizes

Position 1 Coarse

Position 2 Medium

Position 3 Fine


the 20mm, Position 2 (SKU 143-748) is actually a Position 3 and will do the job as beautifully or better than the Position 2.



To special order any bit size, profile, and/or position number please call us at 1-530-889-8977.

Description SKU Price
10mm, Position 1115-204$198.00
10mm, Position 2461-459$198.00
20mm, Position 1905-352$179.00
20mm, Position 2143-798$179.00
30mm, Position 1786-476$264.00
30mm, Position 2115-648$264.00
40mm, Position 1124-906$430.00
40mm, Position 2126-823$430.00
Weight: 1.8 lb.