Flush Cut Z45 Fine-Grit Router Bit

4cm fine-grit electroplated stone router bit

This electroplated diamond drum wheel flattens your Z-profile edges rapidly and accurately. Designed as a double-ended tool for twice the life: once one side wears out, just flip over and keep on going!

Adapter and bearing can be added to this bit to make it perfect for sink hole cleanup with a router. See Related Products.

Approx. size of bit:

52mm Diameter x 45mm High (2 inch Diameter x 1.7 inches High)

Recommended for up to  ¾ inch (2cm) stone, can be used on up to 4cm stone

To special order any bit size, profile, and/or position number please call us at 1-530-889-8977.

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Price: $163.00
Weight: 2 lb.
SKU: 036-885
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