Incursion Blades-Black (5, 7, 8, and 10 inch)

These blades are 100/120 grit and have a 5/8 inch hole.

7 and 8 inch Incursion Blades-Black

These 7 and 8 inch blades are great for the Blue Ripper Jr. Rail Saw. We highly recommend these blades for making perfect seams. In the video "Blue Ripper Jr Perfect Seams", found in the Blue Ripper Jr. Rail Saw's Video Gallery, we used the "8 in Incursion Blade - Clear", however these blades have the same grit size with a slightly softer bond, so the seams will look just as beautiful.

Description SKU Price
5 inch366-065$28.40
7 inch245-638$47.00
8 inch391-507$59.00
10 inch329-087$78.00
Weight: 0.4 lb.